Importance of first aid kit

First aid kit plays a very important role in all our lives weather you talk about adults or children .First aid is something that everyone should have because you may never know when a need would arise for this .But as far as kids are concerned it is very important for them to have this as kids love to play and jump around so it is very obvious that they are liable to fall down and hurt themselves so first aid kit becomes very important for them a first aid kit should contain cotton Dettol  bandage lotion etc .

All these things should be kept in one box so that when a child gets hurt it is possible to immediately jut pick up the box and apply the bandage or lotion etc .Kids have always got this tendency to hurt themselves every time .

So if a proper first aid kit is maintained it would be more easier to save our children from bleeding further because of the cut .It is mostly seen that little kids roll down the bed and fall down and get hurt in their head so in order to avoid this situation we can keep a lotion in our first aid kit that would give them relief from the pain .We can also keep acidity tablets in the first aid box as most of the kids have the problem of acidity so in order to get rid of this problem we can also keep an acidity tablet. in the first aid box .

Dealing with small cuts –

Small cuts are not very dangerous for a child but that does not mean that we should not take care about it .Small cuts should also be taken care of

If a child gets hurt rinse the wound nicely with water

Clean that area and apply the pain relief lotion in that place

After applying that lotion apply bandage in that place nicely

Change the bandage in every two days

Dealing with large cuts –

First of all wash the wound very nicely with water

It is mostly observed that there is a continuous bleeding in case of large cut so you can apply cotton pad in the affected area and press that area a little bit not too much in order to avoid the blood flow or we can say to stop the blood flow from the affected area

Apply dettol in the affected area in order to avoid any kind of infection

Apply bandage in the affected area at last


Dealing with broken bones-

Applying plaster is the best way to deal with broken bones .A plaster helps in joining the bones so if there is any kind of fracture then applying plaster in the affected area is the best way to cure .Applying plaster in case of sprain or strain is also very helpful
Parents should be very careful if there child gets hurt and make a proper and constructive use of the first aid kit that could prove to be very helpful for kids if they get hurt some ware parents can make use of the first aid kit in order to get rid of the wound .

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