Role of grandparents in the lives of the kids

Grandparents and kids are somewhat similar to each other as both of them need love and warmth they both need each other support they both need love and support which they can only get from one another it is very important for kids to interact with their grandparents as they would teach them good values in life which is in a way very important for the kids to adapt it is very important for kids to inculcate all the good qualities that their grandparents try to teach them kids always look up to their grandparents they always want to be like them kids develop a very good bond with their grandparents they develop a bond of love care with their grandparents .They love the stories that their grandparents tell them .

Grandparents always make sure that they teach them good moral values like they teach them to be kind and always forgive others .Grandparents love is completely unconditional they do not demand anything from their grandchildren they just want to give love and expect love in return .


Children should also make sure that they give love and respect to their  grandparents and do not disrespect  them in any way .Grandparents share everything with their grandchild  they try to do everything that could make them happy they always want to see their children happy and fresh. Now they just want to see the world in the eyes of their grandchildren .Grandparents always try to support their grandchildren and encourage them they spend most of the free time with their grand children .They try to adapt the hobbies of the grand children so that they can come more close to each other and can also spend more time with each other .They can also communicate or talk about their family history with their grandparents and have a very good time with each other while they interact. So in this way grandparents and kids can have a very good bonding with each other .So in this way by spending time with kids their grandparents can also have a great time and enjoy at the same time .

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