How should a teenagers be Treated?

During the age group of 13-19 years when children are in their teenage days Parents have to be very careful when it comes to tackling a teenager as this is the age when they are no more called kids but they are grown ups a lot of changes occur during this age children go through a lot of changes not only physically but also mentally .On one hand this age is full of excitement on the other hand they have to also take good care of themselves as they may also get distracted because of various things .First of all they must be very careful while choosing friends during this age they should not get involved in the company of friends who may distract them they should be away from distraction and try to make a constructive use of their time by making good friends .


Teenagers are more likely to get influenced by others or become a part of a bad company which is not good for them in this age they should be able to judge what is their right and wrong. Now a question arises how should parents react or behave with their children during their teenage days they should not keep on scolding their children for no reason but try to explain them where they are going wrong and show them the right path if in case they are not on the right track .Parents should be more like their friends during this age they should behave like good friends with their child instead of scolding them without any reason .It is mostly observed that teenagers share everything with there friends so if parents also start behaving like their friend they would be able to share everything with them and they would not hide anything with their parents .


Communication between parents and children is very important problems arise due to lack of communication between parents and children if parents and children communicate properly with each other there would not be any problem between the two .Teenagers like to enjoy their lives to the fullest .Parents should allow them to go out with their friends one in a while there is nothing wrong with that lack of communication between parents and children creates differences between them so in order to avoid these differences they must have a healthy conversation .

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