Expectation of parents and teachers from children

As soon as a child starts going to the school or may be as soon as a child reaches class 7 or 8 parents and teachers start expecting their child to excel in their studies some of the parents also creat a lot of stress in the minds of their child to come first in the class .Each and every parent expect their child to be better than the other some of the parents also compare one child with the other .It is not important for all the students to be only good in studies each and every child has got an individual talent or they may have their own area of interest all the students may not take interest just in studies some of them may be interested in sports or may be dance or music .


First of all it is very important to find out each and every child’s area of interest we should be aware about their passion because they would be able to perform well in only that field in which they are passionate or in which they are interested .They should first find their area of interest and then start to work towards it .It is mostly observed in most of the families that parents compare their children with their relatives children comparing one talent with the other is not good may be a child is more interested in creativity or sports and not that much in studies .


There is absolutely nothing to get upset about if a child develops more interest towards sports or art .Parents and teachers should always encourage a child to go on with their talent and do well in whichever field they choose .When children come to the age group of may be 15 -16 Parents should try to be more like their friends they should ask their child to share everything with them.So that they are aware about what is happening in their life if they just start scolding them without any reason it would develop a negative impact in the minds of their child and they would further be more scared to share anything with their parents .Parents should try to maintain healthy relations with their children and always try to be their best friend so that children do not hesitate to share anything with their parents .

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