How can you prepare your children for school ?

Most of the kids hesitate when they are asked to go to a completely new place that is completely different from home and specially when they are told that they would not be having parents beside them .When they come to know that they would be facing new people and they would be making new friends they do get a little bit nervous when they come to know about it as starting their initial years of studies is a very big change in a child’s life and they have to cope with this change and start their studies


Some of the kids find it a little bit difficult specially those who are very much attached to their families and parents they all find it very strange and new to leave the comfort of home and go out and study and struggle in life
Here are some points that you all should tell your kids in advance before sending your to school


Tell your kids 1 or 2 weeks in advance that their daily routine is going to change very soon so that they are prepared mentally.

Make them aware about the timing of the school so that they get used to that particular timing and are able to set a routine for themselves.

Communicate with them make yourself aware about their about what is going on in their mind make yourself aware about their feelings like excitement fear nervousness etc.

Take your child along with you during the first day of school and try to show them the positive aspect of school try to tell them all positive and good things about the school so that they do not develop any kind of fear in their mind related to school

Let them first get friendly with the teachers and children of the class so that they can get a comfortable atmosphere in the school which is very important to remove their hesitation

Please make sure that a child sleeps well at night so that they could wake up fresh and active to go to school and be active and fresh all day long

Make sure that the child wakes up on time and have a proper breakfast before going to the school so that they could concentrate more in their studies and do well in class

Make sure that they take bath brush their teeth properly and set their bag according to the time table of the class so that they could feel active and energetic all day long .

Make sure that they do not try to skip the breakfast and have a proper food before going to the school

When they come back home talk to them about what happened in the school discuss their problems if they face any have a proper communication with them do not create any kind of communication gap with the children .

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