Fake smiling can’t make you feel happy, states study


Lots of times we’re told that when you really want to feel something all you need to do is fake it. But what if we told you this wasn’t true? A new study has found that fake smiling can’t play a role in making you happy even if you want to be happy. In the 1980s a study had come to the conclusion that if one flexes their facial muscles to smile and if the brain recognises it, then it might help the person feel happy. However, when scientists tried to replicate the study, they were unable to get the same results.

“None of the experiments yielded a statistically reliable effect individually,” said a researcher. “Overall, these are the kind of data you would expect to see if you tried to replicate an effect that doesn’t exist or is so small you can’t find it with the paradigm you were using,” he added. Well, this certainly goes to prove that you can’t fake your way through life. Stay tuned for more updates.

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