S.No. 89 Deendayal Chock Jabalpur MP


Online database management system, integrated with online maps. Can be accessed anywhere, anytime.
Useful when you are on the run. This can be accessed from your PC, Laptop and even Mobile. Helps keep you connected with your constituents with SMS and Email facility. The database contains Voter Profiling, Caste
Equations, Party Workers, Influential People, Problems & Issues, Local Dynamics, Development Index and Past Election Results.Apart from the data, the software has the capability to analyse different trends and patterns
across polling booths taking into account the Opinion Poll Results, Past Election Data and Demographics to come with the SWOT analysis for the entire region. Also, the swing across elections helps in identifying stable and
volatile booths.
This is an offline version of e-VAL where we use the best available maps. However, internet connectivity will be
required to send Emails and SMS’s.
e-ORG provides a complete database and communication solution for a political organisation.Useful for all
wings of the organisation so that they can be more connected, informed and sound.
Voter Segmentation
Anything and everything on a voter list can be performed through this magic wand. This enables us to figure out the abnormalities in the lists and creation of lists using different parameters (age, head of family, count of family etc). Also helpful in creating the voter slips for printing addresses on envelops.

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