Toyota Mirai

Toyota Kirloskar Motor launched the zero-emission Mirai — which is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell battery pack that can provide a range of 650 km — in association with ICAT as a part of a pilot project in India.

Toyota’s recently launched hydrogen-based advanced fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) Mirai is being seen as a crucial step in the country’s shift towards zero-emission alternatives.

Toyota Kirloskar Motors, along with the International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT), launched the pilot project deploying the second-generation version of the Mirai to study and evaluate the world’s most advanced FCEV on Indian roads and climatic conditions.

The project aims to evaluate the feasibility of FCEV technology in India and spread awareness about hydrogen fuel cells’ and FCEV technology’s benefits for the society. The Toyota Mirai is one of the few cars in the world that uses the FCEV technology and runs on purely hydrogen-generated electricity.

All you need to know about Mirai

The word Mirai’ means ‘future’ in Japanese.

The Toyota Mirai is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell battery pack that can provide 650 km range on a single tank of hydrogen.The refuelling of Toyota Mirai takes just five minutesThe Mirai has a high-pressure hydrogen fuel tank and an electric motor.

The Mirai employs an electricity generator that is used to harness power from hydrogen gas.The only emission from the car is water.

The first iteration of the Toyota Mirai was launched in 2014, it is currently available in Japan and Europe, U.S and a few other countries.

The second-generation iteration of the car for India will be manufactured at Toyota’s plant in Karnataka.Mirai’s fuel (green hydrogen) can be generated from renewable energy and abundantly available biomass.

The introduction and adoption of the FCEV technology will help India to tap into green hydrogen’s potential and will play a key role in securing clean and affordable energy future

Check out detailed images of Toyota car popular offering, the Mirai here. Various detailed aspects of the car, including its features, powertrain, and underpinnings can be seen in the pictures here.

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