when people walk away from you ..let them go..

Your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you and that doesn’t mean they are bad peoples..it just means that their part of story is over.

Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles .it takes away’s today’s peace .if you want to make positives change in your life.don’t sit in the couch and wait for it. Blood relation doesn’t excuse disrespect and or mistreatment of any kind. Blood relation doesn’t give someone the right to hurt you and sometimes blood relation isn’t enough to make someone worthy of the ” family ” title. We are always telling people to move on from unhealthy relationships but how will things get better if you’re also entertaining family members who don’t actually treat you like family.⁣

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You have every right to demand love and respect. You also have every right to walk away from anyone who doesn’t respect you or love you enough to handle you with care.you’re reading these words and know that sometimes it gets hard, moving on is difficult because you what you’ve felt for that person is genuine but I believe in your ability to save yourself. I believe in your ability to walk away. maybe this is about you, maybe the words in this post is representation of who you and or everything you want to be. maybe you’ve reached this point or maybe you’re just trying to get through another tough night. no matter what you’re going through, you’ll get through it because you always do.⁣

thank you for being so brave, thank you for having the courage to be honest with yourself. you are magic, you are mighty. you are capable, you are strong and you deserve a love that matches your own. tonight, keep fighting for yourself because you are meant for so much more.nights like this will be tough, especially when you reach that realization that it’s time to let go but you must remember that you are capable of freeing yourself. you are capable of moving forward with your life.Just because you’re related to someone who mistreats you, doesn’t mean you have to tolerate their b.s. ⁣Isn’t it crazy how your family will often judge you for the people you choose to be with or the mistakes you make. All while expecting you to put up with their disrespect and mistreatment. ⁣You know that you should move on from partners who hurt your heart and you should also know that it’s okay to let go of family members who don’t deserve your energy and time.

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