Power of present moment

Spiritual practice and emotional growth are not about achieving a particular quality of feeling (“good”). Being a human being on a spiritual journey isn’t about getting cash and prizes all the time. it is about being in the present moment, whatever it happens to look like.

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Stay focused and mingle in a crazy world

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My theory is that we all have our “usual” mishigosh to deal with and now, with all the troubles in the world, we’re also feeling the collective angst in the field.One of the ways I manage myself is with a simple, easy to do, and fast technique known as EFT Tapping.

Spirit Doesn’t Need a Mobile Phone

How are you handling your digitally driven life? I’ve noticed that everywhere I go, everyone has their eyes on their cell phones. We are living in a new world, where our digital devices are growing rapidly and perhaps even controlling lives. In the Spirit World, the idea of time is totally different. It’s a popular misconception that the Spirit World is somehow part of our world. We are and always will be a part of theirs.

How can we start waking up each moment?

A soul takes human birth in order to have a series of experiences through. which it will awaken out of its illusion of separateness, in each moment. The physical experience of being incarnated is the curriculum, and the purpose of the course is to awaken us from the illusion that we are the incarnation. Spiritual practices are tools to help us accomplish these goals.

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