Essential Habits for a Happy Life

Happiness, of “subjective well-being”,  is a state of mind – how we feel about ourself and our life. In this sense, anything we do can either makes us feel better or worse.

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1. Exercise Regularly

In modern life we move our bodies less and less, and this has huge consequences for our physical and mental wellbeing. As Dr. Bob Butler once said,

Takeaway: Don’t have time to go to the gym or join a club? Well, 7 minutes of well-planned exercise, or other minimalistic workouts  might be all you need.

2. Eat better

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  1. Drink more water
  2. Practice cooking
  3. Increase whole grains
  4. Increase sweet vegetables
  5. Increase leafy green vegetables
  6. Eat less meat, dairy, sugar and chemicalized, artificial junk foods; consume less coffee,
    alcohol and tobacco.

Takeaway: two huge salads a day + more water

3. Sleep more

Sleep is needed for restoring energy and emotional well-being. , sleep is essential for:

Learning and memory, Metabolism and weight, Mood.

Takeaway: make sure you are getting enough sleep.



Starting to meditate is probably one of the best habits you can develop in life.

Takeaway: start a daily meditation practice. Even 1 minute every day is good for a start. Consistency is the key.

2.Practice smiling

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This may sound corny, but smiling is healthy and also improves your well-being. It makes you live longer, look more attractive, be better at work, and feel better.

Takeaway: smile more freely.

3.Less TV time

The habit of watching too much TV destroys your health, leads to obesity, and shortens your life.

Takeaway: Cut your TV time in half. Pick up a book instead, have meaningful talks, or listen to some podcasts.

4.Simple life = happy life

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Too many options or choices  makes us unhappy.
Too much activity distracts us and stresses us, preventing any real fulfillment.
Too much food makes us fat and destroys our health.

 5.Keep a beginner’s mind

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.

 6.Spend time in nature

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Spending time in nature, even a 20 min walk in the park, is linked to higher levels of vitality and well-being, according to numerous researches. It also gets you some exercise and increases your concentration.


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