“very attentive” to others and the details that make up their lives.

A nice person is “very attentive” to others and the details that make up their lives. My Buddhist teacher used to say paying attention to someone genuinely is the highest form of love. Nice people care about others’ lives—-what goes on in their heads and their dreams and troubles.

How do I become a nice person?

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Acknowledge other people.
 When you’re walking past someone, even a stranger, acknowledge their presence with a simple “hello!”,”hi!” or “How are you?”. Even a simple wave or a nod in their direction will show you are acknowledging them. Letting people know you see them is nice; it makes people feel a little more special.If you’re walking through a crowded city, it can be hard to acknowledge everyone you pass. Try to at least be nice to the people you end up sitting next to on a bus or plane, or those who accidentally bump into you.
Say “good morning” to your fellow classmates and teachers or coworkers in the morning when you walk into the school or your workplace. You’ll soon earn a reputation as a nice person.
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Be a good listener.
 Listen when other people are talking to you. It isn’t nice to just ignore other people’s opinions and stories. Give them time to speak, just as you’d like them to give you time to speak if your positions were reversed.If you find that someone is becoming rude or pushy, never put your hands in your mouth or make a rude face. Politely wait for them to finish and change the topic, after they’ve discussed theirs.
Being nice doesn’t mean letting yourself get pushed around. If you’re talking to a stranger who starts to make you uncomfortable, it’s okay to excuse yourself and walk away.
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Be courteous, polite, and helpful. Always use your manners, say please and thank you. Be patient, caring, observant, and considerate. Treat people with respect, even those you don’t particularly want to get to know. Offer help and assistance when someone needs it.Don’t forget to always say “Excuse me” instead of “MOVE!” when someone’s in your way. People aren’t like the ground that you can just spit on. They are living beings like you. If you are respectful to that person, that person will usually act the same way.
If you’re on public transportation and an elderly, disabled or pregnant person gets on board, offer your seat. It’s the nice thing to do. (And in some areas, it’s the law!)
If you see someone in need of a little help, perhaps picking up something he or she dropped or reaching something from a high shelf, help out.
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Smile. Smiling at people lets them know that you are pleasant. Look the person in the eye and give them a small smile or a wide grin – it doesn’t matter which. This sets the mood of the encounter and usually encourages the other person to smile back. This also helps the person feel comfortable around you. If they do not smile back at you, then maybe they are just having a bad day. That’s okay; being nice doesn’t guarantee a positive response, but it usually helps.[4]Smile when you pass people in the street, when you buy something from a shop clerk, when you walk into school in the morning, or anytime you make eye contact with someone else.
Smile even when you’re feeling low. You can still be nice when you’re in a bad mood. Why spread your negative energy to other people?
If you are in a bad mood and don’t want to listen to people, try listening to music, drawing, or something else you enjoy. This can prevent you from acting harshly towards people or being rude (even if you don’t mean to be).
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This is the ability to put yourself in others’ shoes. Empathy is not something you’re born with, it is something you need to work on. Simply put, try and leave your own head and ask, “how does this make them feel?” The goal here isn’t to find a “right answer.” Rather, it is the act of putting others before yourself that will help you become a more thoughtful, caring, and kind person.Don’t discriminate. Be equally nice to everyone. Even if you’re nice to your friends and teachers, but you aren’t nice to people who aren’t cool or popular, you may not actually seem as nice as you actually are. Do not judge others by race, age, gender, sexuality, ability, or religion.
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Never speak ill of others when they aren’t around. Of course, you shouldn’t generally criticize people at all, but there are times when telling someone they did someone wrong is perfectly fine. However, that time is never when the person isn’t around. Talking badly about people when they aren’t around tells everyone else that you don’t respect them, and treat people differently when they are around. Nice people know that talking behind someone’s back is never appreciated and can make you appear as a gossip.If you have a problem or question about someone, just ask. Bring these conflicts out into the open to make them much more manageable in a kind, easy way.
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Look out for everyone, not just those closest to you. Holding the door for a friend is kind, but being a nice person is about being helpful and kind towards everyone. Give a hand to a struggling person on the sidewalk, and offer to help out a classmate or coworker when they spill their papers in the hall. You can be the person who helps organize someone’s birthday, or brings donuts in on Friday just because. Be nice just to be nice.Ask people how they are doing. Take the time to ask someone how things are going in their lives, without being nosy or intrusive. If they seem resistant to talking, don’t push them to say more than they feel like saying.

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